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Brenda Bowen - Certified Quickbooks Expert

Brenda brings more than 18 years of accounting experience to the team and works with clients all over the world. She is a Quickbooks Pro Trainer and Consultant. Her skills allow her to analyze a client's financial situation, clean up the records and provide accurate and regular reports as needed. Brenda and the entire team are familiar with many industries and can work with tax professionals to help create the best financial position as a company grows.

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Andy Wilson - Payroll Expert

Andy has used a consultative approach over 10+ years to assess payroll needs and empower clients with solutions that allow them to focus on what matters most... growing their businesses. He is more interested in developing a relationship with you and growing with you than anything else. Whether you are looking for a straight forward call-in service for your payroll, or a fully integrated payroll and HR system that can be accessed from anywhere, we'll have the right solution for you.

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Financial Planning

Shane Callahan - Financial Planning Expert

Shane has over 20 years of experience in real-life financial planning, risk management, and investment strategies. He performs portfolio analysis and recommends strategies for clients based on individual and family situations. Shane works with both new and experienced investors while developing long term relationships, taking clients through the wealth building phase to distributing funds at retirement.

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Merchant Services

Brian Cook - Merchant Services Expert

Brian Cook brings 18 years of successful third party payment processing experience to clients across the US and Canada. He has helped merchants in just about every industry to be more efficient which leads to greater profits.  Customer service is our specialty while we help our clients save money and improve operations.  Whether a startup business or large enterprise, Brian helps companies save time and money while providing seamless interaction for customer purchases.

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Health Insurance

Sally Wurr - Health Insurance Expert

With more than two decades of experience in the insurance industry, Sally has taken her talents and acumen into the competitive field of insurance brokerage, meeting and exceeding the demands of clients with exacting results. Her track record of working to provide more coverage at lower costs to the consumer has become a legacy of savings and cost reduction to corporations and their employees.

† Advisory services offered through Sigma Planning Corporation, a Registered Investment Advisor.

Endurance Wealth Planning is independent of Sigma Planning Corporation


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