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The Sales Team that

Brings You Customers

An outsourced sales team that you can afford on any budget with options for prospecting, qualifying and closing sales.

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The Competition is Taking YOUR Customers


How long are you going to let your competition keep winning?


Are you tired of wasting money on marketing that doesn't work?


How long can you survive without a steady stream of new customers?


How long will you let your prospects ignore you?


How many times are you going to re-do your website?


How many books are you going to read to learn how to sell?


How long are you going to suffer with rejection?


How long are you going to keep doing what you hate to do?

OMADA7 Sales will bring more paying customers to YOU!!
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You Don't Have to Do the Heavy Lifting Alone


Never worry about selling again!


You'll get MORE revenue than what you are paying to get new customers


We'll go find the perfect customers based on your criteria


We won't use any pushy techniques. Your reputation is safe with us.

The Struggle is Real...

We know what its like to struggle with money issues and not being able to afford an in-house sales staff. It seems like you must have money before you can make money. And we've also been there and spent months trying to learn how to sell, only to finally admit we didn't like doing it.

That's why we created OMADA7 Sales. We created a team of experts who LOVE sales and know how to get results. We've helped many business leaders get back to doing what they love to do and actually make money in the process. 

Just look at what some of our clients are saying:

Happy Young Woman

Sara... "I wish I had found OMADA7 Sales years ago!"

20151217 Jennifer Anderson Head Shot.jpg

Jennifer... "Now I LOVE my business..."

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20020809 TTF logo.jpg
Happy Man

Matt... "My business has tripled in less than a year..."

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Let's do this together



We'll customize a plan just for your business



Start servicing your new customers and get more money doing what you love

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How it works...

At OMADA7 Sales, we know you are the kind of people who want to be successful and generous with your extra money. In order to be that way, you need enough customers to help you generate that feeling of success and that cash to spread around.


The problem is you don't have that steady stream of customers coming in your door like you hoped for, which makes you feel frustrated, incompetent and embarrassed in front of your family and friends. We believe it is just wrong for people with amazing talent, like you have, to be sitting on the sidelines trying to figure out how to get customers to find you.


We understand how hard sales can be and we know how hard it is to fund a great sales effort and how easy it is to waste your money on marketing ideas that don't get the results you need. That's why we created OMADA7 Sales.


Here is how it works: 1) When you schedule the discovery call, we will ask you about your business, your goals and get specific about what you've been struggling with on getting customers. 2) Then, we'll design a custom plan just for your business that uses our sales engine, producing excellent results for your company. We'll use both digital and human effort to find and create interest in your products and services. 3) You'll finally get a steady stream of customers coming into your business where you can show off that awesome skill set you've worked so long to build. And, you'll finally have the financial rewards that come from your customer's purchases.


So, book a discovery call now with us so you can stop wasting time, money and energy trying to sell or even learning how to sell, and start doing what you love and have the income you deserve!


Sales Agent

Prospecting and Qualifying

Ideal for clients who don't like to prospect, but usually want to be involved in the closing process.

Insurance Agent


For business leaders who just want new customers to show up. We can get the contract signed and deliver payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already have some sales efforts underway? We can easily compliment your existing efforts. Often, our clients use us to supplement their existing staff. It is an easy way to expand your sales team without having to add the headaches of recruitment, training, managing and retaining an in-house sales team.

What if this is too expensive for me? We have an array of options for working together, even for cash-strapped businesses. Our job is to help make your business more healthy, not to cripple your cash flow. Money doesn't have to get in the way of success any longer.

How long before I see results? Maybe in less than a week, maybe a little longer. A common business axiom is that what you do today shows up 90 days from now. Our plan will include a 30-60-90 day plan to kick off the effort with the goal of achieving new customers in less than 60 days. We make modifications as necessary to the plan to shorten the time between kick-off and new sales. The results are guaranteed.

What if I don't have a good website or other marketing materials? We can help with this too! We'll evaluate all of these items before we engage on our journey together. Often, small adjustments can make huge strides. We have a plan for how to balance the resources of time, money and energy between sales work and collateral.


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